National Combat Aircraft is on the assembly line!

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir shared detailed information about MMU and domestic HSSs during his statements today. The most striking among them was the National Combat Aircraft, which is said to have been put on the assembly line. Here are the details…

National Combat Aircraft assembly line opened yesterday!

In the past weeks, it has been shared that TAI has completed the production phase of the front, middle and rear body sections of the MMU. Today, President of Defense Industry İsmail Demir said that the assembly line for the National Combat Aircraft was opened yesterday.

We will see the domestic warplane in 24 hours!

İsmail Demir said that tomorrow they will make a new post about the production and assembly line of MMU and what happened in this process. In other words, for the first time in many years, we will see the domestic warplane itself, not the advanced models in full scale.

Trench air defense system range announced!

Trench air defense system range announced!

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir gave information about the Siper air defense system range in his statement today.

MMU features

  • Length: 21 meters
  • wingspan: 14 meters
  • Height: 6 meters
  • Impulse: 2x 29,000 or 2x 32,500 lb (2x F110)
  • service ceiling: 55,000+ ft
  • Maximum speed: 1.8 Mach
  • G limits: +9g / -3.5g
  • Avionics:
    • ASELSAN’s domestic AESA radar integrated RF system (BURFIS)
    • SAR (Synthetic aperture radar system)
    • IRST (Infrared seek and track) sensor
    • EOTS (Electro-optical targeting system)
    • Helmet mounted sight system
  • Other:
    • High maneuverability and a powerful propulsion system
    • supernavigation capability
    • Long radius of action
    • Low visibility on radar
    • Sensor fusion
    • Advanced data link capabilities
    • Ability to fire high precision ammunition

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