NASA’s DART mission has begun! Here are the details

NASA, which is working on asteroid collisions, launched the DART mission, which it will perform with the Falcon 9 rocket. Explaining that the purpose of the mission is to neutralize future asteroid dangers, the officials announced that the artificial satellite dimorphos will experiment with the asteroid set.

Worried that a large asteroid will hit our planet in the future, scientists started a study to discover asteroids around the Earth at the congress held in the USA in 2005. Greater than 140 meters Stating that about 40 percent of asteroids have been detected, the officials underlined that they continue to work.

Perseverance captured the sunset on Mars!

Perseverance photographed the sunset on the planet Mars. NASA also published those images with the explanation…

NASA will perform DART mission with Falcon 9 rocket

NASA, DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) describes the spacecraft as part of a simple and low-cost planetary defense strategy. In addition, DART is NASA’s first mission to perform asteroid deflection by a kinetic impactor.

NASA sends Falcon 9 rocket into space for DART mission

From Vandenberg Space Force Base in California The Falcon 9 rocket taking off will target a pair of asteroids. Falcon 9, which will collide with Didymos with a diameter of 780 meters and Dimorphos with a diameter of 160 meters, has been sent to NASA 325 million dollars cost.

Stating that asteroids the size of Dimorphos are dangerous, the authorities announced that a possible collision could result in the loss of tens of thousands of people’s lives. Officials who made a statement on the subject, from 300 meters He noted that large asteroids could cause continent-wide destruction.

About Dimorphos in the DART mission 6.6 km/s Announcing that it will crash rapidly, NASA stated that they will change the speed of the object at a rate less than one millimeter per second. Underlining that it is possible to remove an object from the collision course with the Earth, the authorities stated that asteroids with a diameter of more than 1 kilometer are quite dangerous for our planet.

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