NASA says the number of astronauts is not enough

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson According to a recent statement by NASA’s astronaut count not enough. That’s why the agency needs to find more astronauts and change the way it trains astronauts. Organisation, is currently engaged in training sufficient numbers of astronauts and expanding the crew of the International Space Station.

With the increase in lunar missions and the number of vehicles capable of launching humans over the past few years, the agency needs to increase the number of astronauts. It also needs to reconsider what skills these astronauts will need and to upgrade their current training. ISS centered should be changed.

NASA is sending Alexa to the Moon!

As we approach the first part of the Artemis mission, NASA announced that it will also take Amazon’s assistant Alexa to the Moon.

NASA is having trouble finding astronauts

In the report, which included the statements of Bill Nelson, it was stated that as of September, NASA had 44 “ready-to-fly” astronauts.

“NASA’s Astronaut Office is currently facing several challenges, including achieving the agency’s goal of deep space travel. It is necessary to assist in the design and development of systems for spaceflight missions in multiple vehicles, primarily to maintain and expand its presence on the International Space Station, and for Artemis’ missions to the Moon.

NASA, number of astronaut troops evaluated each year. But the final assessment showed that there aren’t enough astronauts to fill the available ISS seats over the next five years. The process of recruiting an astronaut and providing basic training takes about four years. Therefore, NASA predicts that the number of astronauts will fall below the target number over the next two years.

The space agency selected 10 new astronaut candidates in December. Candidates will begin training this month and will be the first new class of astronauts since 2017. According to the report, it’s not just the number of astronauts that NASA has to worry about, but the skill class of each.

All of the first astronauts were test pilots, but over the years NASA; expanded the astronaut class to include scientists, medical doctors, engineers, and other people with special skills. Recently, the agency said that astronauts Artemis Moon missions working to identify the skill sets they will need for

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