Multichain Raised $60M From Binance Labs And Other Investors

Cross-chain protocol Multichain; At the end of the investment tour led by Binance Labs, it raised $60 million in investment.

formerly known as anyswap Among other names investing in Multichain, known as Sequoia China, IDG Capital, Three Arrows Capital, DeFiance Capital, Circle Ventures, Tron Foundation, Hypersphere Ventures, Primitive Ventures, Magic Ventures and HashKey took place.

Multichain; Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Moonriver including necessary for interconnecting different blockchains provides the infrastructure. in total More than 300 thousand users in the protocol more than $5 billion It has TVL.

Zhaojun, one of the founders of the protocol, especially in the statements he made after the investment they received. “To support NFT and DeFi (focused) innovative decentralized applications” at the cross-chain level He said they will work.

In addition to financial support from Binance Labs, Multichain Binance Smart Chain will start working with Binance Smart Chain offers users within the scope of the agreement. Using Multichain’s bridge will make a recommendation.

Bill Chin, head of investment deals at Binance Labs, said: “Binance Labs is investing in disruptive innovations with incredible potential that can shape the crypto space; This is why we support Multichain.” said.

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