MrBeast Treated 1,000 Blind People

MrBeast, YouTube’s channel with the highest individual subscribers, helped 1,000 visually impaired people regain their sight this time.

MrBeast, the channel with the most subscribers as an individual channel on YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing platform, is a very rich person. MrBeast, who made his fortune from this platform, he uses his wealth to help people and takes the video and shares it on this platform.

Every video he shares gets millions of views in a very short time and almost every video creates a splash on social media. Because his works are helping many people who really need help. Again with this kind of video MrBeast.

MrBeast undertakes the treatment of 1,000 visually impaired people:

In MrBeast’s newest video, he found 1,000 blind people from different locations and helped them see the world for the first time through surgery. On top of that, MrBeast is one of those people. gave some 10,000 dollars.

There are really special and emotional stories in this video. One of the people the YouTuber helped was very happy to be able to see his son’s face again. For young Jeremiah, another visually impaired person, MrBeast not only paid for his treatment, but also for university expenses. He gave $50,000.

How does the surgery, which MrBeast pays for, help people regain their sight?

He describes the operation in the video as follows: “If you’re wondering how surgery restores people’s eyesight, let me explain: These people have cloudiness in the lenses of their eyes that prevents them from seeing. Our surgeon vacuums these cloudiness from the lens and replaces the lens with an artificial counterpart. It’s that simple!”

Turkish YouTuber Ruhi Cenet had a similar project before:

Previously, Ruhi Cenet had a similar process. 30 years blind He had a 94-year-old treated.

It is really important for people who have a lot of money and are famous to sign projects like this because they raise awareness. We hope we can see more projects like this in the future.

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