Mr. Habeck, how can we overcome the energy crisis?

Berlin Since 2022 at the latest, energy topics are no longer just a topic of conversation for experts, but for society as a whole. Politicians had to intervene in the energy market, companies feared for their gas supplies and consumers were paying record prices for gas and electricity.

At the same time, society is fighting climate change and must switch to sustainable energies. In Germany, Economics and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck is primarily responsible for solving the short-term problems of the energy price crisis and the long-term challenges of climate change.

In the first of three special episodes of the Handelsblatt podcast Green & Energy from the energy summit, Handelsblatt Editor-in-Chief Sebastian Matthes speaks to the Vice Chancellor. Habeck advocates a European industrial electricity price and expects that we “can finally declare the end of the energy crisis in 2024”.

Listen to the latest episode here:

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