Mouth Breathing Can Change Your Facial Profile!

It has been stated that mouth breathing is harmful since primary school years. But for the children of that period, the importance of this is at a very different level. Let’s take a look at the long-term effects of mouth breathing.

Each system of our body supports the other, and all of them do their job and make an effort so that we can live our lives in the most efficient way. Respiratory our system and circulatory system, for example, of the body cleaning up to help each other. Other systems have similar interdependencies.

However, when the factors that will affect their functionality are encountered, some problems may occur. Examples of these factors mouth breathing we will show. In this case, the body has to keep up with it because it is faced with an unusual functioning, and therefore problems arise.

The importance of this has been emphasized to young people for years, but it is still worth mentioning. What exactly is the difference between mouth and nose breathing?

Whether you are an adult or a minor, the distinction between mouth and nose breathing is always critical. First “anyway, both to the same place not connecting?‘ you might think. But air entering through the nose goes through different stages before reaching your lungs.

For example, the hair-like structures inside our nose are filter system and thus harmful substances in the air do not reach our lungs. Besides, the air stay moistIt is thanks to our nose that it does not reach our lungs in a very hot or very cold way.

Good, beautiful; So what happens when we breathe through our mouths?

We can’t get the pluses we just mentioned when we breathe through the mouth. After all, we do not have a filter system in our mouth to provide this. Besides, since the air is drawn as it is a dry throatair free of bacteria and less oxygen remains in our hands.

How can we get less oxygen if more air enters our body when we breathe through the mouth?

James Nestor, author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, states that breathing through the nose yields 20 percent more oxygen than through the mouth. The reason for this is that the air passing through the nose, that is, through the stages we have just described, enters the blood more easily. easy to mix and thus we can show that the circulatory system makes it comfortable.

When we breathe through the mouth, the unwanted substances that come with the air are sent to the lungs. difficulty can survive. Those who are used to breathing in this way may say that they have no problems, but these problems in the long run Let’s say that it will come out and it will be difficult to return.

Another long-term problem is ‘changes in the face’.

We have come to one of the issues that parents should be especially careful about. Because the subject of changing the face shape, more critical in children. That’s still their face development due to its being in phase.

At the beginning of the changes in the said percentage your chin It seems to get lower over time. In a way this is weight and it affects the posture over time. Another explanation is the position of the tongue in mouth-breathers. all the way down going. The tongue, which is normally on top even at rest, is located on the floor of the mouth in these people.

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  • Before and after mouth breathing

your mouth to the bottom for this reason, much more load is put on and since the upper lip and nose are not used, they begin to become somewhat dysfunctional. As a result, some places work less and some places work more. an inconsistent improvement and therefore a different appearance from the normal appears, and the way the teeth are extended is badly affected by this.

Since children are still in the developmental period, the effects of this are seen more easily in them. But that doesn’t mean adults should be comfortable. Because certain changes will definitely be seen through mouth inhalation. sleep problems (such as sleep apnea) and your snoring start some of them.

What other damages are there?

Mouth breathing

ear infections, tooth decay, bad breath, sinusitis and upper airway infectionsare some of the problems you may encounter. In addition, there are things that will affect your daily routine. Examples of these include feeling exhausted and, as we have just said, starting later. snoring We can show you.

If this is not taken care of at a young age, different operations may be required for its return. We can take things to the extreme. Because when this situation is not prevented in children who make it a habit to breathe through the mouth, they do not work. long face syndrome as far as it can go. This means that there will be extra difficulty in daily activities.


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