Most Preferred Cars in 7 Regions of Turkey

Data shared by Cardata revealed the most preferred used cars in seven regions of Turkey. Passat and Egea became the most popular models in the two regions.

The data on the annual performance of the automobile market in our country revealed that the Renault Clio was the second best-selling model. On the other hand, the data shared by Cardata, 7 regions of Turkey and in big cities showed the most popular models.

Data provided by Cardata to Hürriyet, in the second-hand market Volkswagen Passat showed that it was the most preferred model in the two regions. Fiat Egea also achieved leadership in two regions. The models preferred by Turkey according to their regions were as follows:

The most preferred used cars in 7 regions of Turkey:

  • Marmara Region: Fiat Egea
  • Aegean Region: Dacia Sandero
  • Central Anatolia Region: Fiat Egea
  • The Mediterranean region: Volkswagen Passat
  • Black Sea region: Fiat Linea
  • Eastern Anatolia Region: Ford Touneo Courier
  • Southeast Anatolia Region: Volkswagen Passat

Which model was chosen in which metropolitan city?

  • Istanbul: Renault Megane

renault megane

fiat egea

peugeot 301

The most advertised used cars in Turkey were as follows:


The Most ‘Selling’ Second Hand Cars in Turkey Announced

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