Most Preferred Broadcasting Platforms Announced

Research company Ipsos has published a study covering the rates of watching television, reading print broadcasts, watching movies and series on broadcast platforms in Turkey. The study showed that television, which gradually lost its popularity, is still among the most preferred channels.

With the increasing use of the Internet, digital platforms, is becoming more common day by day. Millions of people around the world are starting to turn to such platforms instead of channels like television. However, new data reveals that television, which is described as ‘outdated’, is still highly preferred.

international research company Ipsosconducted a research on the platform preferences of people in Turkey. In the study carried out under the name of ‘The Guide to Understanding Turkey’; The rates of watching television, reading print broadcasts, watching movies and series on broadcast platforms were examined. The results revealed that despite the increasingly popular broadcasting platforms, television, which has been in decline, is still in widespread use.

69% of society says they watch TV every day

Ipsos’ research has shown that despite the popularity of online platforms, TV is still one of the most preferred mediums. Accordingly, the study found that the proportion of those who say they watch television every day 69% revealed that. In addition, it was stated that the rate of television was over 80% until 2018, and this decreased in the following years. In 2020, this rate was recorded as 74%. your television still the most preferred medium for news explanations were also included.

In addition, the CEO of Ipsos Turkey, in his statements, stated that television has experienced a decline in recent years; however, he emphasized that it still remains the most preferred platform for news monitoring.

The number of TV series viewers decreased due to digital platforms.

in research watching series Platforms used for While it is seen that 35% of the society prefers television, it was stated that this rate decreased compared to 2020 (45%). As you can imagine, the reason for this decline was the spread of digital platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. The data showed that one in two people preferred YouTube for the series, while those who chose Netflix increased from 9% to 21%.


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