Monkey Flower Discovered to Mutate Quickly

A new study has revealed that the monkeypox virus mutates at a much faster rate than normally expected and is going through a period of accelerated evolution.

While we were starting to get rid of the scourge of COVID-19, the Monkeypox virus, which was detected in Africa in May, bothered us all. Monkey pox, which is a virus that is quickly taken care of at first and does not require a pandemic, More than 3,500 people were infected in 48 countries..

According to a new study, the Monkeypox virus is much more dangerous than scientists thought. mutate more quickly suffers. The reason is a accelerated evolution. So what does this mean? Let’s see.

Monkeypox virus may spread faster than expected

The scientists who conducted the research stated that viruses such as Monkeypox usually do not mutate more than twice in a year, but they have discovered that this virus has 50 different mutations at the moment.

That means Developing the solution 50 different mutations required. Of course, until these solutions are developed, if precautions are not taken, the monkeypox virus can spread very quickly. In fact, we shared with you a statement made by the World Health Organization that ‘the virus does not present an emergency’ in the morning hours today.


WHO’s Critical Monkeypox Virus Meeting: A Global Emergency Can Be Declared

If the researchers’ findings are correct, it is It’s inconsistent with the World Health Organization.. If you wish, you can take a look at the source of the details of the research here. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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