Money making tactics with Metaverse!

According to industry estimates, revenues from virtual reality (VR) game worlds could reach $400 billion by 2025, and the Metaverse is expected to generate $1 trillion in cumulative value. In this video, we explained how you can make money with Metaverse.

Money making tactics with Metaverse!

This new digital frontier is attracting a lot of attention from big tech names to average users who want to be the first to seize the endless opportunities that come with metadata storage. These numbers are all guesses by the way, but how can you make money from this endless virtual universe? Let’s learn how to make money on Metaverse with you.

In our previous video, we told you how you can buy and sell land from the Metaverse universes. Assuming that it is in many different universes, it is really difficult to know which virtual universe will be valued and will be in our lives 10 years from now.

The need for virtual real estate companies has increased with so many real estate jobs to be done with real estate brokerage method. You can earn generous commissions by connecting buyers and sellers or simply giving advice as a real estate broker. Rental: Just like in real life, a plot of land
You can buy it, build a house or other type of property, and then rent it. Advertise your property
You can also use it for your home, especially if your properties are located in high traffic areas.

Another method is to make money with NFT. One of the best ways to monetize NFT is to invest early in promising new collections before their value skyrockets. Most of the NFTs available for purchase were initially printed at a low price and their value increased exponentially in the weeks and months after launch.

A prime example of this is CryptoPunks, which could be purchased for between $1 and $34 in 2017. When the NFT craze took over in 2021, these ‘Punks’ became incredibly valuable for their first move into space. This resulted in NFTs being bought by celebrities and other high-profile names, with one Punk even selling it for $24 million!

Monetization tactics with Metaverse

One of the first uses of metadata was in fashion. High-profile fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Gucci are already experimenting with virtual apparel in the form of NFT collections. Games has been another successful way, with collaborations from big brands like Burberry, Valentino. But almost anyone can create a digital clothing line and generate income in the metadata warehouse. Even if you are not a fashion designer, you can enjoy finding different creations for your own avatars and helping your friends customize their own avatars.

Virtual workers are in high demand to create a metadata store and keep it running
will see. Whatever the field, be it for companies like Meta or Microsoft or as a freelancer.
you can offer your services. 3D artists, virtual reality architects, community managers, developers,
coders, graphic and fashion designers, recruiters, and Metaverse content creators are just some of the jobs you’ll need the most.

You can also have a job in the Metaverse, for example, in virtual jobs, including jobs within these metaverse worlds.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular games for making money on the Metaverse. Using this game, users can earn money or SLP by breeding, racing and trading them for their own pets “Axies”. Interestingly, according to the company’s website, People played the game to get NFTs as rewards and then traded them for higher profits. In the last few years, the popularity of games like Axie Infinity has skyrocketed by enormous margins.

Sandbox would be considered one of the most outstanding entries among the best metaverse games currently available. It provides a virtual world where you can develop, own and even take advantage of monetization opportunities as a result of your gaming experience. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Sandbox is currently in the early stages of development.

Illuvium is an open world role-playing game originally developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The basic premise of the game is to explore the huge virtual environment it contains. The primary goal of players in the game will be to collect powerful beings known as “Illuvials”, which are extremely rare and hard to reach. Illuvium has amassed a market cap of $1 billion.

In Decentraland, clothing for avatars – known as “wearables” – can be traded on the blockchain in the form of a crypto asset called a non-tradable token (NFT). The popularity of NFTs exploded earlier this year as speculators and crypto enthusiasts flocked to purchase the new type of assets that represent ownership of online-only items such as digital art, trading cards and land in the online world.

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