Mobile MOBA Game Honor of Kings Released in Turkey

Honor of Kings, which was released in 2015 and has the title of the most played mobile MOBA game in the world, was published in Turkey. The closed beta process of the game started today.

The mobile MOBA game that was released in the Chinese market in 2015 and continues to expand to the world today. Honor of KingsAs of today, it has been opened to play in Turkey as well. Level Infinite and TiMi Studio Group announced that the closed beta test of Honor of Kings, which holds the title of the most played mobile MOBA game in the world, has started for Android users in Turkey.

Mobile players in Turkey can play the game by typing Honor of Kings in the search section of Google Play. in a free way they can download. In addition, the game has full Turkish language support. The game’s release for iOS users will be available for download in the next testing phases.

What’s in the closed beta version?

Players will enjoy the basic gameplay experience and balanced gameplay during the closed beta process. will be tested They will play a version. Among the limited game modes in the game, 60 heroes with unique designs and features will also be playable. During the testing period, players especially on issues such as gaming experience, network connection and localization. giving feedback will be requested.

What kind of game is Honor of Kings?

honor of kings

Honor of Kings, in line with the general gameplay of MOBA games done 5 to 5 consists of wars. Each player takes on a role on the battlefield, choosing from a tank, warrior, assassin, mage, marksman or support role. Players are victorious in battles based on their skills and tactics.

Honor of Kings in 2020 100 million daily active players managed to reach. Behind the success of the game lies the music of world-famous composers such as Hans Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi, Howard Shore, along with its design.

You can use the link below to download Honor of Kings:

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