Mobbing from Elon Musk: Twitter 2.0 era begins!

With the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, a sensational event occurs almost every day in the company. Musk’s authoritarian attitude and radical change plans lead to chaos within the company. It seems that the company will experience a lot of tension in the coming days.

Musk on Twitter 2.0: “Either severance pay or busy and long hours”

As soon as Elon Musk took over Twitter, he fired top executives in the company as the first job. The businessman, who found the number of employees in the company too high, parted ways with some employees. It seems that the rest are waiting for difficult days.

Elon Musk literally tells Twitter employees mobbing (harassment) applies. The phenomenal businessman gave an ultimatum to his employees in an email. The new era on the platform Twitter 2.0 Defining Musk, he asked his employees to either leave or be prepared for busy working hours. Here are the statements in the e-mail he sent;

Twitter employees can leave today with three months’ severance pay or commit to a “high-intensity long hours” policy. Twitter 2.0 kicks off at 5 PM ET. If you are sure you want to be part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below.

Elon Musk fired his employee who opposed him from Twitter!

Elon Musk fired his employee who opposed him from Twitter!

Famous businessman Elon Musk fired his employee who opposed him on Twitter! The fired employee made a statement, here are the details…

Musk’s impulsive behavior is not limited to this. Upon a tweet by Elon Musk on Twitter, Eric Frohnhoefer made a post stating that he has been working at the company for a long time and that the decision made by the business person was wrong. In the mutual sharing between the two, Elon Musk fired Eric Frohnhoefer on Twitter.

Twitter 2.0

On the other hand, Musk’s leadership is questioned within the company. Elon Musk laid off many Twitter employees last week. However, he soon wanted to bring back some of the employees he had fired. So much so that the fact that he realized that he needed the fired employees later suggests that Musk’s company policy is completely unplanned.

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