Miracle! iPhone 14’s life-saving feature comes to Samsung

One of the most important names in the Android class Samsung, wants to go to the top with its flagship model Galaxy S23. Every day, a new claim about the series emerges. According to the latest claim, Samsung will bring the satellite connection feature. Here are the details!

Samsung Galaxy S23 may come with satellite link feature

Expected to be introduced next year Samsung Galaxy S23 seriesIt is among the most anticipated phone models of 2023. Planning to take a step forward with its new series, Samsung came up with new news. This news is on S23 satellite support that it will be.

A few months ago, Apple iPhone 14 brought a revolutionary feature with the series. With the new models, emergency communication The feature has spread almost all over the world. It looks like Samsung is also preparing to bring a similar feature for the Galaxy S23 series.

Special service for Galaxy S23 from Qualcomm: it will be the best of 2023!

Special service for Galaxy S23 from Qualcomm: it will be the best of 2023!

Collaboration between Samsung and Qualcomm is growing. Galaxy S23 will have a different version of Snapdragon Gen 2.

According to the news, Samsung is trying to bring a satellite communication system to its new series. iridium partnering with. iridium, 66 low earth orbits provides voice call and data communication services via satellite. Samsung is trying to bring this feature to phones. for two years Turns out he was working with the company.

Against this appleto provide satellite connection to iPhone 14 Global Star working together with Huaweito bring similar features to the Mate 50 Pro series beidou using satellites. The emerging reports claim that Samsung is making preparations for messaging and low-resolution image sharing.

Miracle!  iPhone 14's life-saving feature comes to Samsung

Due to the nature of satellite connection, devices need a large antenna for voice calling and high speed data transfer. Therefore, it should be noted that these features will not come to phones anytime soon. It’s also unclear how widely the feature will be in use.

So, what do you think about the Samsung satellite link feature? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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