Minor Changes to Pixar Movies by Country

It is a known fact that brands adapt their products according to the local culture. So how does this work in the film industry? Let’s take a look at the cultural adaptations of Pixar movies.

The culture of each country differs from each other. quite different. Cultural differences can manifest themselves in many different ways, not only in spoken language and traditions, but also in the most popular type of food or sport. As such, the work of companies that appeal to the world becomes more difficult, of course.

This is the Pixar animations that are watched from 7 to 70 all over the world. adapts to cultural differences. So the movies we watch are not shown exactly the same in every country! Pixar animations, which warm our hearts with their interesting stories, are made in small formats in accordance with the cultures of the countries in which they will be published. Changes can accommodate.

The texts in the movie Yukarı Bak are adapted according to the language of the country where the movie is released.

In Look Up Again, the difference between the American and international versions is striking.


The reason for this is that Turkish paradise waterfalls meaning “paradise falls” To avoid difficulties in meaning while translating the word into different languages.

Pixar’s translation problem an alternative solution and uses the drawn version of the waterfall mentioned in the international version of the film.

In the movie City of Animals, on the other hand, we see that the animals that are newscasters change according to the country in which the movie is broadcast.


Pixar thought very carefully about this. animals specific to the country of publication He must have used it as a newscaster, thus aiming for the audience to establish a better and closer bond with the film.

The reason for the change in the movie Moana is quite interesting!


Known as Moana in its international version, the film is known as Oceania in Italy. The reason for this is the name of Moana in Italy. adult movie star be!

Pixar, possible to avoid problems He must have said that we should change the name of the movie.

Since the word Coco means poop in Portuguese, the film was released under another name in Brazil.


Due to a situation like the fearful dream of international companies, Pixar changed the name of both the film and one of the characters and released the film in the international version with the name “Coco” in Brazil. “Viva” published under the name.

In Toy Story, too, there is a significant difference between the American version and the internationally published version!

Toy Story

In the American version, the scene where Buzz Lightyear speaks in front of the American flag, in the international version in front of the world map is happening.

In the movie Monsters University, a slight change was made to avoid the translation problem.

cute monsters university

In the English version of the movie, a character is holding on to cupcakes. “be my friend” meaning “be my pal” At the time of writing, the international version only has smiley faces on these cakes.

This being the case, countries that don’t speak English miss the joke in the next scene of the movie…

cute monsters university

In another scene of the movie, cakes with the letters of the phrase “be my pal” are placed on our character’s face. “meek” meaning “lame” falls to form the word.

Non-English speaking countries only watch this scene as cakes with a smiley face fall on the character’s face, and it is deprived of humor.

Because broccoli is a beloved vegetable in Japan, Pixar is changing broccoli to chili in the Japan-exclusive movie Inside Out.

inside out

Again in the movie Inside Out, the scene where the character dreams of a hockey match is updated to football in the international version.

inside out

In America, Canada, and Russia, the character in this scene dreams of a hockey game, while in the rest of the countries there is little hockey. because it is not popular Hockey is being changed to football.

In the movie Cars, the character named Jeff Gorvette takes different names according to the famous racers of the country where the movie is broadcast.


For example, this character Formula 1 champion in Spain Named after Fernando Alonso and is voiced by Fernando Alonso.

As a result, it’s not just what we hear when movies are released in different countries. What we see changes. In fact, these changes, which can be considered quite clever, allow the audience to bond more closely with the film. Maybe this is one of the reasons why some of us still love to watch Pixar animations even as we get older…


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