Ministry of Commerce Issued New Imported Car Circular

The Ministry of Commerce has issued a new circular, also known as “Parallel Import”, concerning persons who import cars other than distributors. In the circular, which aimed to determine the customs value more appropriately, it was requested that this card be included in the declaration for brands with data cards.

Before Mehmet Mus, Minister of TradeDuring the budget negotiations in the Planning and Budget Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, upon the allegations, he was among the people. “parallel import” Also known as distributors, importers other than distributors take action on the import of vehicles and imports made in order to determine the customs duty correctly. to review announced that they had

Today, the Ministry of Commerce “Customs valuation procedures in vehicle imports by importers other than distributors” issued a new circular on Within the scope of the new measures to be taken according to the published circular; customs clearance according to accessories, equipment and featuresmore accurate determination of goodwill intended to be determined.

If needed, additional information on customs value will be consulted.

In the circular, in accordance with the Customs Law, the persons dealing with the customs procedures, upon the request of the administration, all necessary documents and information It was reminded that he was responsible for giving and providing all kinds of help. Circular stating that it is appropriate to implement transactions within the framework of the rules determined in vehicle imports made by importers other than distributors.e, the rules to be followed in vehicle imports was determined as follows:

  • Whether the imported vehicle is imported as a distributor will be determined by examining the contracts to be obtained from the importer.
  • In case of reasonable doubt as to the reality or accuracy of the declared customs value, additional proving information and documents to be determined by the customs administration will be requested from the declarant, in accordance with the Customs Law and secondary regulations, regarding the valuation methods and value research and examination.
  • If there is a distributor of the vehicle subject to import, the value information obtained from the distributor will be considered as data in the determination of the customs value, within the framework of the provisions of the legislation related to the customs value.
  • A certified copy of the export declaration of the vehicle, prepared by the customs office of the country of export, and the invoice issued by the manufacturer at the first sale of the vehicle, will be attached to the declaration and this issue will be checked by the customs administrations. The inspection and/or control procedures of the declarations to which the said documents are not attached will not be completed.

If necessary, research abroad will be carried out.

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In addition, the circular data card (Technical qualification card) for brands, this card was also requested to be added to the declaration. According to this rules to follow was determined as follows:

  • It will be checked whether the invoices added to the declaration comply with the issues specified in the Customs Regulation and whether the additional equipment and accessories information on the vehicle and their values ​​are included in the said invoices.
  • During the inspection or control of the goods, it will be specifically examined whether standard and/or additional equipment and accessories are on the vehicle, their value, whether they are within the scope of standard equipment, and if they are, whether they are separately stated on the invoice.
  • In any case, in order to determine the declared customs value and/or the hardware and accessories in the vehicle, information about the equipment and accessories and the value of the vehicle will be requested from the Turkish distributor of the relevant brand, based on the chassis number of the vehicle. In the absence of a distributor, a technical report on the accessories and equipment of the vehicle will be requested from the relevant departments of the universities.
  • In case of a need for a study abroad, the reasons for the need for a study abroad will be clearly and comprehensibly stated in the request letter in order to receive a response from the exporting country.

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