Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Made a Statement About Marmaris Fire

The fire, which started in Marmaris as of yesterday, started to grow in a short time and spread to the surrounding grassy lands. A statement came from the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişçi, on the proliferation of sabotage claims on social media regarding the fire in which the surrounding houses were evacuated.

Due to the events we experienced last summer with the fire in Marmaris, most of us have been following the new news very anxiously. In the news we conveyed to you yesterday, we conveyed that the interventions to the fire were the subject of discussion and many posts were made on social media.

Today, the General Directorate of Security, drawing attention to the excess of bots and fake accounts in these social media posts, announced that the necessary actions were taken. Following this statement, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişçi shared new information about the ongoing fire.

“Extinguishing work continues, the fire is under control”

Participating in the live broadcast of CNN Türk, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Kirişçi responded to the allegations. Especially from the first minutes of the fire, there were many ‘sabotage’ claims on social media. Kirişçi responded to these allegations in his statement. “Of course, it is not a subject that is in our area of ​​interest. But of course, like every citizen we think ofgave his words.

Kirişçi expressed another reason for the possibility of sabotage as follows:

“We notice the fire at 20.02. This is the hour close to dark, and fire in three different places This raises our doubts as well. The first intervention was carried out in 8 minutes, and due to the darkening of the sky, an intervention was started with a helicopter.”


Action Taken Against Accounts Transferring False Information About the Fire in Marmaris

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