Millions of Dollars Penalty for Samsung from Australia

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has fined Samsung Australia $9.65 million for ads showing Galaxy phones are water resistant. The reason for this was that the advertisements were misleading.

As we all know, almost all people in the world now smart phone uses. For this reason, technology giants are trying to attract users to their own devices with the features they offer. Phones with the feature of being water resistant can also be preferred because they find a solution to a very common problem.

Now, the news is based in South Korea, one of the leading companies in the smartphone market. Samsung’s it turns out that he has a headache about this. Accordingly, Samsung Australia was fined millions of dollars for misleading claims that Galaxy models are water resistant.

Samsung fined $ 9.65 million for misleading advertising

Most Samsung phones’waterproof‘ and it is stated that these devices can be used under certain conditions under water. These models are launched with IP values ​​that show the water resistance levels, as in other phones. However, these tests are carried out in laboratories, unlike places such as pools and seas, and may not prevent unpredictable results in real life.

In a press release, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has given Samsung due to misleading advertisements on this subject. $9.65 million announced his punishment. The ACCC also added that Samsung Australia has acknowledged that phones can malfunction when exposed to pool and sea water.

In the statements made by the ACCC, the company March 2016 and October 2018 Stating that phones can be used in many platforms such as social media and his own website, he said that phones can be used in the sea and pools. your nine ads reported it was published. After that, many users said that after the phones came into contact with water. is malfunctioning It was reported that complaints were received. In addition, hundreds of complaints also stated that Galaxy phones stopped working completely.

Finally, ACCC President Gina Cass-Gottlieb said in her statements:Samsung Australia’s ads don’t really get hurt It included people using them in the sea and pool, despite the odds. This penalty is a reminder that businesses must prove claims about their products. ACCC will continue to impose sanctions on businesses that mislead consumers.” used the phrases.


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