Mike Tyson Lashes Fire On The Platform That Makes The Series

Former boxer Mike Tyson claimed that Hulu, the platform on which the series about his life will be published, did not receive his approval for the series and stole his life story.

Online content platform Huluformer world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson’s about the life 8 episodes a miniseries announced that it will be published. In the background of the series, which focuses on Mike Tyson’s career and life, there are also issues such as class and racial problems in America, the power of fame, misogyny, and income injustice. Trevante Rhodes plays Mike Tyson in the series written by Steven Rogers and directed by Craig Gillespie.

August 25 There are already some problems with the series, which is expected to be published on. Legendary boxer Mike Tyson claims that Hulu didn’t get his permission to shoot the show and stole his life story. According to the statements made by the former boxer on his official social media accounts, there will be no income from this series.

“Hulu is the streaming version of slave master”

In a statement on his Instagram account, Hulu streaming version of slave master Mike Tyson, using the expression, stated that the platform stole his life story from him and he will never forget it. He also revealed that Hulu offered UFC president Dana White millions of dollars to advertise the show, but White refused to accept this offer to avoid betraying their friendship.

Mike Tyson made similar statements at that time for the series, which was first introduced in February 2021. After the trailer released recently, “Don’t let Hulu fool you. I do not support the platform’s story about my life. We are not in 1822. We are in 2022. They stole my life story and didn’t pay me. For Hulu admins I’m just a black man they can sell at auction“Despite all these words of Tyson, the series is expected to be released.


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