Mike Novogratz Considers The $38-40K Levels Of Bitcoin Price As The Bottom

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz commented on the fall in Bitcoin price in a program he attended on CNBC yesterday.

About Bitcoin in the program he attended yesterday stating that he is not worried in the medium term Novogratz thinks that the decline has occurred due to recent developments.

Former Goldman Sachs executive Mike Novogratz says before Bitcoin price moves higher 38-40 thousand dollars will test around and according to the chart this level would be the bottom guesses.

Stating that there are a lot of corporate company requests waiting to buy right now, the CEO said:

I think corporate companies will use the 38-40 thousand dollars level to make purchases. Looking at the graphs, the levels I said, the decline will end I see there is a place. I think in the coming weeks there will be a serious volatility We’ll see.

made statements.

Novograzt, “Bitcoin price is at all-time high $69,000 since arriving, More than 40% fix and since such corrections exist in bitcoin, your movements has been a part of it.” said. In addition, after the minutes released by the FED, the decline in the Bitcoin price accelerated and investors were warned because of the tight monetary policy. to safer vehicles stated that he did.

The Fed will increase the interest rates within two years. would raise 2% had explained. But money continues to be printed, if inflation increases this rate will remain low and further rate hikes is being considered.

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