Microsoft Threatens Competitors Using ChatGPT

It has been claimed that Microsoft is threatening competitors who train their own AI tools using ChatGPT integrated into Bing. According to the shared news, Microsoft warned that it will stop sharing data if alternative search engines continue to use artificial intelligence tools.

Microsoft’s search engine, one of the world’s largest technology companies binghas always been overshadowed by Google. However, the technology giant, which invested billions of dollars in Open AI, took the flight by including ChatGPT, which reached millions of users as soon as it was announced, into Bing, and the number of users reached hundreds of millions.

It seems that Microsoft does not want these skills of artificial intelligence to leave Bing and is even seriously concerned about it. Because, according to the latest shared news, Microsoft has openly asked alternative search engines that use Bing data not to use Bing’s artificial intelligence tools. threatening has done.

“Alternative search engines train their own AI using Bing”


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Search engines like DuckDuckGo, Yahoo take data from Bing in addition to their own data when you search for anything. So in a sense, even if you think you’re using Yahoo! some search results are taken from Bing. Of course, these search engines are licensed by Microsoft to display Bing search results. But what about artificial intelligence tools?

According to the news in Bloomberg, Microsoft draws a limit to alternative search engines in this regard, and if their companies continue to use artificial intelligence tools, Microsoft will completely prevent them from accessing their search data. warns against. Allegedly, Microsoft has made this warning for two search engines.

Microsoft said it will continue to work with partners


It was not disclosed which of these search engines were. However DuckDuckGoWe know that search engines such as, Neeva are promoting their own artificial intelligence tools. In fact, this is exactly where Google hesitates. The tech giant doesn’t want these search engines to train their own AI tools using Bing’s AI tools.

Speaking to Bloomberg on the subject, a Microsoft spokesperson said about alternative search engines. that they will maintain their data sharing policiesstated that they are in contact with their business partners against a possible policy violation. The spokesperson stated that while expressing whether any partnership will be terminated, they will continue to communicate in order to return to the future and find new ways of working.


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