Microsoft Shuts Down Virtual Reality Company AltspaceVR

Microsoft is shutting down its virtual reality company AltspaceVR after laying off the majority of its teams working in the virtual and augmented reality departments last week.

You know VRChat and Rec Room, the virtual reality-based social platform. Altspace also offered a virtual reality service, just like them, and was acquired by tech giant Microsoft in 2017.

In the past years, Microsoft announced the HoloLens 2 virtual reality glasses with their service called Mesh, and they announced that they would establish a brand new working environment with virtual reality.

But things did not go as expected for Microsoft…

Enis Kirazoglu

According to a new statement, the Silicon Valley giant has decided to close its virtual reality company AltspaceVR. The reason for this is that almost % of the workforceDismissal of as many as 5 of them, that is, 10,000 employees.

Since there are only a handful of people working in Microsoft’s virtual and augmented reality department, it was not necessary to keep the company open. Microsoft for content creators 10 March 2023 explains how to download content before the closing date, which is


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“AltspaceVR Worlds cannot be fully downloaded or migrated directly to another platform because AltspaceVR is a mix of worlds, a collection of assets owned by a variety of different assets. While you can’t download all of them, Microsoft says, you can download items from your Worlds data, which we call metadata.”

If you are wondering how to download it, there is a detailed explanation on Microsoft’s official page.

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