Microsoft Reveals How Much Money It Made [Güncel]

Microsoft has released the financial position report for the quarter we left behind. The statements made reveal that Microsoft is on the verge of a serious crisis. Because the company’s earnings are increasing, but profitability is falling rapidly.

US-based technology giant Microsoft, which expires on December 31, 2022 2022 fourth quarter shared the financial report. The shared figures do not offer very encouraging data for the company. Although Microsoft’s revenue increased Profitability has dropped drastically. Microsoft, which has lost in almost every category it serves, was only able to maintain its power in the cloud sector.

Looking at the announced data, the company’s earnings for the past three months $52.7 billion We see that this is 2 percent more than the same period of the previous year. However, when we look at the profitability situation, the net money remaining in the company’s coffers It was $16.4 billion which is 12 percent lower than the same quarter of last year.

Windows revenues fell 39 percent

Research by different companies shows PC sales in the last quarter of 2022. had a 29% decrease revealed. Microsoft also made a statement confirming this. The company’s Windows OEM sales (money PC manufacturers pay Microsoft for a Windows license), 39 percent drop showed.

Accessory revenues also fell 39 percent

Microsoft Hololens

Smart glasses released by Microsoft HoloLens The company’s Surface branded products also lost revenue. This drop, just like in Windows 39 percent was recorded as.

The number of active Xbox players exceeded 120 million!


Microsoft’s revenue from Xbox sales and games and services decreased by 13 percent. In the statement made on the subject, it was stated that there was a partial balancing in Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. The reason for the loss of income is attributed to this. Meanwhile; It should also be noted that Microsoft announced that it had 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers last year, but did not touch on the subject this year. However, the monthly average number of Xbox active players at 120 million level was stated.

Microsoft Office and cloud services were the only category that made Microsoft smile!

Microsoft Office

Microsoft’s smiling face the only category was Microsoft Office, cloud and server products. The company’s income is 18 percent increase across category showed. Microsoft’s cloud system Azure and its revenue from other cloud systems increased by 31 percent. Microsoft 365 subscriptions increased 12 percent in the last quarter and 63.2 million was recorded as. It was stated that the money earned from LinkedIn increased by 10 percent.


Microsoft is Shutting Down Virtual Reality Company AltspaceVR, With Thousands of Layoffs

The shared figures show that the technology giant has a serious on the brink of crisis reveals that. Microsoft seems to prefer to go out of business to get out of this crisis. There will be those who remember; The company, which made a statement recently, said that 11 thousand people will be laid off. had announced

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