Microsoft Bans Game Gifting in Turkey

Microsoft took a controversial measure(!) in its Turkish store, which was flooded by foreign players with the depreciation of the Turkish lira. Games can no longer be purchased as gifts for other players in the Turkey store.

The difference between the local currencies of the countries and the local pricing that companies apply to close this difference can be used by various people to take advantage. By shopping in a more ‘worthless’ currency, people buy the same product cheaper than in their own currency.

While this can be seen especially in the gaming world, where local pricing is common, Microsoft has approached this problem with an interesting and controversial solution today. Microsoft’s In stores in Turkey and Argentina found to make a significant change.

Microsoft has removed the gift purchase option for games in Turkey and Argentina:

  • Left: Germany store, Right: Turkey store

In the news brought to the agenda by SomosXbox, Microsoft’s Turkey store Removed ‘Buy as gift’ option reported. It was stated that the same situation was experienced in Argentina as well as Turkey. We also confirmed the situation in our checks.

Microsoft did not share a statement on the subject. However, the comments were that the company made this decision to prevent ‘buying games for cheap’. Because many players and even sellers abroad were buying a game as multiple gifts, and then selling the gift codes to others at high prices.

It is not known whether Microsoft’s new change is temporary or permanent.


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