Microsoft Banned More Than 7 Million Xbox Accounts This Year

Microsoft, the parent company of Xbox, announced that it banned more than 7 million accounts in the first 6 months of 2022. While some of these accounts are reported accounts, the majority of them are accounts that are stuck in Xbox’s security systems or that are notorious.

Today, over the past few months new model of xbox Due to “more expensive than expected” has been delayed had been disclosed. Also, long-standing Call of Duty- PlayStation brawl It was finally over in the past few days.

Today, Microsoft officials have more than 7 million accounts in total in 2022. permanently announced that they were banned. Moreover, the vast majority of these accounts are accounts plugged into Xbox’s own security systems.

Sometimes just “your name” is enough to get you banned.

According to the data released by Microsoft, the company has a total of 2022 from January to June. Permanently banned 7.21 million Xbox Live accounts. However, because only 2.53 million of these accounts were reported, there were accounts that were banned. If other accounts bad reputation of usernamesThere were inappropriate usernames, accounts hooked up to anti-cheat software, and accounts that violated Xbox’s rules and crashed into systems. At this point, Microsoft stated that some usernames are popular on the internet and that they cheat on different forums and Even if users whose account in the forum is associated with their Xbox account are not actually cheating announced that they were banned.

With this move, Microsoft aims to prevent potential cheating and toxic behavior. This “proactive ban” system, which has been in use since 2020, has largely prevented verbal and written harassment and cheating in the Xbox community from its very first year. In addition, since this system is supported by machine learning, it detects more users every year. While the sum of all Xbox accounts banned in 2021 was 6.72 million, this figure has already exceeded 7 million in the first 6 months of 2022.


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According to Xbox’s statement, many of the proactive accounts banned written and verbal sexual harassmentpirated game and cheating, fraud and Buying games with a stolen credit card Accounts stuck in the system due to reasons such as. Even if users do not complain, Xbox officials do not remain silent against these accounts, removing them from the community and using the same device or device. carefully following new accounts to be opened with the same IP address. In this way, it is aimed to protect the peace of the community.

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