Microsoft Announces Postponing Xbox Keystone Game Console

Microsoft delayed its Xbox Keystone console, which only includes cloud gaming technology and plans to sell it at a very low price. The company complained that the cost was not yet as low as they wanted.

Microsoft, which entered the cloud gaming world with Xbox Cloud Gaming, has come to the fore with great news in the past months. Microsoft, it will be very affordable and will only support cloud gaming technology announced that it was developing a console.

This console, which will be a first for the industry,keystone‘ was nicknamed. A release date has not yet been given for the console, whose photo has also appeared recently. Today, sad news came from Microsoft.

Keystone delayed: “More expensive than we’d like”

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, who participated in The Verge’s podcast called Decoder, announced that they were delaying the Keystone device. Spencer shared the rationale for these decisions as follows:

“It was more expensive than we wanted. That’s why we decided to focus the team’s effort on delivering the smart TV streaming app.”

On the other hand, this delay does not mean that Microsoft has completely withdrawn from Keystone. Spencer shared that they continue to focus on Keystone and will try to get the time they reach the right cost.

However, Spencer did not lower the selling price of the device. to make 99 or 129 dollars He said they were planning.

He also commented on the resulting photo:

xbox keystone

In the past weeks, Spencer also included the Keystone device in the above photo he shared on Twitter. The CEO also shared his comments about this device, which is known to be a prototype:

“The reason[the device]was on my shelf was because the team rolled up their sleeves and did that thing in nine months. Some of us took it home and it worked. It worked really well.”

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