Microsoft Adds Translated Captions to Teams

Microsoft announced that it has added a new feature to its video conferencing platform Microsoft Teams that will delight users. Accordingly, the platform will now include live subtitles translated from languages.

Video conferencing platforms have become very popular, especially after the pandemic entered our lives. These platforms are used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world every day for meetings, lectures and many other purposes. The companies behind the apps are also releasing new features to improve the user experience.

Technology giant Microsoft’s video conferencing service Microsoft Teams It is also one of the most popular platforms in its field. The giant company has now announced that it has brought a new feature that will delight Teams users.

Translated live captions have arrived in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has added a feature to the platform that will make international Teams calls easier. Accordingly, users can now start a meeting when starting a meeting. ‘translated live captions’ can use the feature. In particular, it will be possible to select different languages ​​together and thus see the live subtitles translated from the desired language from the bottom of the screen during the meeting.

With this feature, which was first introduced in August, the company thinks that people using the platform can better communicate with their colleagues in different countries.

How to use the new feature?

For the translated captions feature, you need to start a meeting from Teams. Then press ‘More Options’ from the meeting controls and click ‘‘Open Live Subtitles’ you have to click on. After that, from the section with live captions ‘Subtitles’ It is necessary to go to the menu and select the language to be translated. Let’s add that the feature may not have come to everyone yet.


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