Michael Schumacher’s Netflix Documentary Released

The Netflix documentary about the experiences of Michael Schumacher, who became the legendary name of Formula 1 after making his name with Ferrari, was released today.

Formula 1 fans have been waiting for the release of the documentary about the 7-time world champion Formula 1 legend for a long time. full of victories with an end that mourns the whole world The documentary of Schumacher, who said goodbye to the tracks and even to his family, was released today.

The documentary, the trailer of which was released last August, covers Schumacher’s first step into F1, the records he broke throughout his career and his success.the tragic accident that left him in a coma for years. tells.

Trailer of the Netflix documentary about the life of Michael Schumacher:

We think we don’t need to talk about what kind of person Michael Schumacher is. He has made his name known even to people who are not interested in Formula 1 races, with his struggle, helpfulness and humility throughout his career. enthroned in hearts it was a name.

Schumacher, who joined Formula 1 in 1991 and lived his golden years in racing since the 2000s, fell into a coma in 2014 due to an unfortunate accident. The health status of the legendary pilot is not known clearly, although his family wants to keep this matter secret. Schumacher did not even recognize his relatives. is expressed. If you want to watch the 1 hour and 52 minute documentary of the Formula 1 legend, who has been treated for a long time, you can click here.


The Stunning Life of Legendary F1 Driver Michael Schumacher, Who Has Been Treated for 6 Years