Michael Saylor’s Response to Famous Billionaire Chale Munger’s Bitcoin Call

Michael Saylor, founder of software company Microstrategy, is Warren Buffett’s right-hand man, Charlie Munger. Bitcoin (BTC) He stated that he did not have enough time and environment to appreciate his comments.

Saylor told CNBC on Feb.in his interviewSaylor recently starred in Charlie Munger’s at The Wall Street Journal and cryptocurrencies gambling He made comments on the article that he claimed to be. SaylorMunger’s and other western businessmen are constantly harassed for expressing their opinions about Bitcoin, but to examine Bitcoin they don’t have enough time stated.

Saylor, Munger’s views on cryptocurrencies sympathetic He stated that he found thousands of tokens other than Bitcoin. from gambling a little more more than stressed that. Founder, Munger in South America, Africa or Asia being a businessman and on the current problem 100 hours in case it takes time to review more secure than himselfz claimed to be a Bitcoin advocate.

Saylor points out that the problem of financial hedging faced by ordinary people is the constant depreciation of local currencies. in Lebanon, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Nigeria or Venezuela He argued that it was better expressed by events.

On the other hand, the company’s Bitcoin strategy has not changed Saylor stated that if the digital asset values ​​in the balance sheet exceed their costs due to accounting standards, this increase cannot be reflected reminded.

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