Michael Saylor: “Ask Yourself These Questions When Investing in Bitcoin and Altcoins!”

Stevedabitcoin, which has 420 thousand followers on Twitter and 70,000 followers on Youtube, hosted MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, who holds 114,041 Bitcoins and is the largest Bitcoin investor in the last part of Steve Talks.

Why invest in Bitcoin? What are their long-term prospects for Bitcoin? What is the relationship between Bitcoin and Gold? How do institutional investors view Bitcoin? Answering many questions such as, Saylor also explained what should be considered before investing in a product.

“StevedaBitcoin: So Michael, how do you divide your investments when considering what to buy? How do you set this up?

Michael Saylor: I think it’s about what you want to get for yourself, “Why do other people get it?” you should ask the question. Why did they take this? Let’s say I buy a building in Istanbul. I have to ask the following question: Why did those who buy buildings in Istanbul buy? If I’m buying gold, what do other gold investors think? If I buy Bitcoin, what do other Bitcoin investors think? I should ask.

Why did they buy it and how long do they intend to stay in Bitcoin?

The second question you should ask yourself is: “Who am I going to sell this to in 10 years?” or “Who do I sell to when I want to sell?”

For example, what happens when we apply this principle to Bitcoin?

Most of those who buy Bitcoin are those who want to hold the coins for the long term. This is the essence of philosophy. Overall, the plan at Microstrategy is to buy billions of dollars in Bitcoin and hold the coin for the long term.

If you realize that there are investors who think this way, the character of the investors will become the character of the assets.

With so many tokens and coins coming and going, for example Dogecoin, who bought it? How long will I keep it in my portfolio? Who will I sell to? You should ask questions like

When investing in a product, understanding the long-term investors in that product will also help you understand how that asset will be valued.”

In this article, we have quoted only part of the interview. You can watch the entire interview with subtitles in the video below.

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