Michael Jackson’s Movie Is Coming

It has been announced that a film will be shot about the life of the famous singer Michael Jackson, who is remembered with his iconic dance and songs. The director, screenwriter and producer of the production, which will explore the entire life of the famous artist, has also been announced.

Popular singer with Beat It, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal and many more Michael Jackson, He died in June 2009. Described as the “king of pop”, the artist was still being listened to by millions of people years after his death.

Now, there has been a development that pleases the fans of the American singer. According to the information received, Michael Jackson’s a life story biography movie is coming. The film, which will be signed by Lionsgate, is the director of many productions such as Training Day, The Equalizer, Southpaw, The Magnificent. It will be directed by Antoine Fuqua.

Filming begins this year

Filming of the film, which will examine the life of Michael Jackson in depth, will begin this year. The script of the production is one of the writers of the Skyfall movie. John Logan will undertake. On the producer side, we will see Graham King, who has appeared in successful films such as Oscar-winning The Departed, The Aviator, Hugo and Bohemion Rhapsody.

The film, which is not yet known when it will be released, makes the artist one of the best entertainers of all time. all aspects of his life, including his iconic performances will discover. We can say that the fact that it will be written by John Logan, who won three Oscar nominations for his films Gladiator, The Aviator and Hugo, creates great excitement.


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No information has yet been shared about who will be in the cast of the Michael Jackson movie, which has a very ambitious production team.

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