Mice and Insects Come Out of KYK Meals

Students staying in KYK dormitories show their reactions to the situation by sharing the foreign substances from their meals on social media.

Unhygienic meals are served to students forced into dormitory cafeterias. As the balances given are not enough, quality meals are not provided as it is operated with commercial concerns.

The situation is quite serious. Even photos of the food are enough to make you sick to the stomach, what’s inside: hair, flies, maggots, metal, centipedes, even mice…

Here are the reactions of the students whose food is disgusting in the KYK dormitory:

kyk ant

kyk fly

kyk food coin

When you look at the comments under the tweets, you realize how often this happens.


food is disgusting

dorm food

eating foreign matter

kyk dishes insects

kyk food stone

kyk food metal

kyk eat screw

Similar complaints can be seen on the There is a Complaint site.

there is a complaint

complaint log

there is a complaint

Students who have to eat these disgusting foods are poisoned and hospitalized, but still no action has been taken in this regard.

kyk poisoning

When nothing bad comes out of the food, nothing good comes out either. There is no sausage in sausage eggs, chickpeas in rice with chickpeas…

bad food

There are also problems in the dormitories apart from the content of the meals. Due to the lack of system, students have to wait in long food lines.

kyk dinner order

In addition, although there are so many students, they do not find enough portions.

insufficient food

There is also a discrepancy between the 13 lira limit and the prices on the menu.

kk balance

But when you look at the menu of the deputies who don’t care about the students in the parliament restaurant, you can see a variety of carefully prepared dishes.

parliament restaurant menu

You cannot see this care in the KYK cafeteria.

council sweets

Also, they don’t like it.

parliamentary dinner MP

Although the food prices are very cheap for the salary they receive.

parliament restaurant prices

These harsh conditions negatively affect the education of students.

parliament restaurant parliamentary meals

Even Bear Gyrlls cannot withstand these conditions.

Hoping to improve conditions as soon as possible…


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