Mexico Central Bank President Compares Bitcoin to Barter

Bank of Mexico Governor Alejandro Díaz de León has revealed that he views bitcoin (BTC) as a bartering commodity rather than a currency.

  • “When someone sells a good or service for bitcoin, to the exchange method we believe it is similar because in exchange for that commodity not money, another property it is taken.”

  • What counts as currency good payment tool Díaz de León, who said that there should be people’s purchasing power day by day by 10% don’t want it to change stated.

  • Central Bank Governor considers bitcoin more than a means of payment “An investment strategy with high risk and volatility” described as.

  • Díaz de León replaces bitcoin as a daily, legal currency in its current form. “precious metals” He said it was similar.

Image: Alejandro Díaz de León (Central Bank of Mexico, image modified by Coin Bulletin)

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