METU AVION Team Started R&D Studies

ODTÜ AVION, which has entered Teknofest in golden letters by competing in the International UAV, Artificial Intelligence in Health and Artificial Intelligence in Transportation competitions, has started working on the R&D projects they aim to complete in 2023.

AVION, the R&D team consisting of METU students, has been working in sub-fields such as space-aviation, software and artificial intelligence since its establishment in October 2021. The team, which also participated in 2022 Teknofest, They achieved success in many fields..

AVION, which realizes the projects it produces, society is in close relationship with its own problems and presenting it to the public again. aims. After their success at Teknofest, the team has already rolled up their sleeves for new R&D studies.

They aim to identify and solve the deficiencies of the society.

The AVION team is addressing the shortcomings it has identified in the areas it works. for the benefit of society aims to close. In this context, the deficiencies identified by the members and the ideas they put forward are crowned with the strong communication environment in the team, and the final product is beneficial and sustainable in every sense. Sharing is the most important factor in realizing all these. In many environments working in these fields in our country,information retention‘ tendency, the team members want to preserve the sharing environment, which is the decision they made when they set out. To facilitate access to information for both their peers and future generations. Continuing to work on fundraising on social media, the team shared ‘practical’ information, which can sometimes be difficult to find on the internet, in various channels, not only to the team itself, but also to the team itself. aims to contribute to all members of the ecosystem it is in..

Working mainly in the fields of aerospace and software, the AVION team uses its experience in many areas. Since its establishment,Covid-19 detection from lung CT images”, “Detection of objects in traffic with aerial images”, the artificial intelligence team, which has implemented successful projects on the agenda of the world, in addition, continues to work on “Detection of aircraft type and location in aerial images” that can be used in warplanes. The UAV team, which plays an important role in realizing these works of the artificial intelligence team members, aims to provide optimum conditions for the real-life tests of the studies. The most important work in this context Construction of the Mistral-1 vehicle. With its modular structure and stability, this aircraft, which can find many uses in the defense industry and other fields, also appeared in the Teknofest-2022 competition and He was among the teams that successfully completed both missions..

Critical research in many areas until this periodThe AVION team, which has implemented the development studies, will continue in the next period. aims to take this vision one step further.he is drinking. We, as Webtekno, wish them success.

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