METU 15th Finance Congress Will Begin on 4 December

METU Business Community will bring its participants together with the CFOs of national and global companies at the 15th Finance Congress this year.

One of Turkey’s largest universities, the Middle East Technical University (METU) Business Administration Club, attracts students with dozens of different congresses and events every year. business life meets with.

Due to the pandemic, the METU Business Community attended the Finance Congress, which will be held for the 15th time this year. as a hybrid will make. Many CFOs from global and national companies will be guests at the congress where the world of finance will be discussed. will share their experiences.

Congress will be Hybrid

The Finance Congress to be held this year will be held on December 4 this year due to the pandemic. both face-to-face and online, if on December 5 completely online as will be done. The main theme of the congress this year is “Evolving Finance in a Normalized Worlddetermined as ”.

At the congress to be held Atilla Yesilada, Ozan Bingol and We Found Efe Names such as will attend as guests. To get more information about the 15th Finance congress, where you can learn more about the world of finance link found here you can visit.

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