Metaverse Token Targets $1 After Major Event

The Sandbox SAND, the native token belonging to the metaverse, managed to challenge the negative outlook in the markets after an event it launched in New York.

After the latest developments, SAND has increased by 8% in the last 24 hours and continues to be traded at $ 0.97. If the bullish outlook remains strong, the price could rise to $1 levels in a short time.

The Sandbox kicked off an event in New York City as part of the NFT NYC conference, after which the local token has rebounded strongly over the past two days. As we mentioned, The Sandbox, one of the strongest players in the Metaverse world, has announced some partnerships in order to increase the effectiveness of users at NFT NYC.


Sandbox Partners with Time

The Sandbox launched earlier this week in partnership with an established brand, an NFT initiative by TIME Magazine. TIMEPieces announced its partnership with

We have shared the details of the established partnership with you before.

As part of the partnership, the duo announced that they will build a new location based on Times Square on TIME’s property in The Sandbox.

Sandbox has also set up a real world booth in New York to increase user engagement. metaverseSnoop Dogg, The Walking Dead and, more recently, Lionsgate Studios, for having ties to several major media franchises.

Metaverse also announced the launch of The Sandbox Alpha, a play-to-win initiative starting in November.

The trend that emerged after the NFT conference increased the transaction volumes in some NFT projects. Doodles saw a nearly 400% increase in daily volumes after announcing the project’s sequel, Doodles 2.

The increased interest has helped somewhat offset the continued decline in the crypto market that has severely slashed NFT prices this month.

But even though famous players like Bored Apes and CryptoPunks have recorded huge price losses, they are still relatively stable compared to the broader crypto market.

You can follow the current price action here.

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