Metaverse Report from Cryptocurrency Giant Grayscale! Will the Ascensions Continue?

In November, cryptocurrencies were marked by projects focused on the Metaverse area. The prominence of VR technology and virtual world-themed projects attracted the attention of many investors in this direction.

In a report prepared by the crypto money giant Grayscale, it was determined that this trend will continue.

Although a time frame was not specified, it was stated that Metaverse could become a market that could generate over $1 trillion in annual revenue.

The report, published today, touched on the opportunities that gaming and lifestyle trends can create on the basis of blockchain technology.

Projects like Decentraland (MANA) allow people to interact and earn tokens, the report said. In the report, which draws attention to the increase in the time people spend in digital environments, it was stated that the spending of money on digital platforms to create social status has increased.

Grayscale stated that the revenues of the virtual game world, which was 180 billion dollars in 2020, could increase to 400 billion dollars in 2025. It was stated that the growth will come from in-game spending rather than the money paid to buy the games.

It was stated that 8.2 billion dollars of funds were created in the crypto money sector in the 3rd quarter, and 1.8 billion dollars of this went to the Web3 and NFT sector.

In the report, referring to the potential of Facebook (META) and other capital companies, it was said that the “Metaverse is in its early start” period.

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