Metaverse Alert from DBS Bank Strategist: “Be Careful!”

After Facebook invested in Metaverse and changed its name to Meta, the interest of investors in various sectors began to turn to Metaverse technology.

Darly Ho, top investment strategist at Singapore-based DBS Bank, spoke about Metaverse technology on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Ho said that industries that adopt the current digitalization trend will also benefit from Metaverse, one of the most popular technologies of recent times.

Darly Ho, who said that they started to take an interest in Metaverse as DBS Bank after the social media giant Facebook changed the name to Meta, stated that Metaverse technology is the culmination of the digitalization trend seen in the last ten years.

Stating that they believe that there will be digitalization in all areas of life, DBS Bank official Ho continued his words as follows:

If you still haven’t noticed, we are already moving a little towards a digital world. So Metaverse technology is just the next step, the next frontier.”

Emphasizing that investors who trade stocks should pay attention to the companies that shape Metaverse, the technology of the future, he said the points to be considered:

They have the most experience designing large-scale virtual worlds in the video game industry. In these virtual worlds, more than one user comes almost every day. That’s why I think companies to watch out for are companies in the gaming industry. These companies open and shape the path to the Metaverse world.”

Ho from DBS Bank, emphasizing that there is digitalization in all areas of life, said that investors who invest in companies related to Metaverse technology will have an advantage in the medium and long term.

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