Meta Won’t Cut From Influencers Until 2024

Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta has announced that it will not cut revenue from creators on its platforms until 2024. So what are the details? Let’s take a look together.

Now is the time to become an influencer. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta, said in a post he shared today. monetized content creators Announced an update.

The revenues that content creators earn through subscriptions, paid events, badges and other monetization methods from the platforms will be supported by Meta platforms Instagram and Facebook for a while. will not be interrupted. So what’s the reason?

Instagram and Facebook won’t cut content creators’ payments until 2024

As you can imagine, the real reason behind Meta’s attempt to do such a thing. rivalry. As you know, Instagram has recently Busy stealing many features from TikTok. They even try to prevent TikTok videos from being shared on Reels.

Content producers in their income No cuts until 2024 The reason for this is to prevent content producers from leaving Instagram or Facebook and switching to other platforms such as TikTok.


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It’s not even the only good news. Zuckerberg announced that more content creators will be made eligible to monetize these platforms, such as those who produce popular Reels and earn bonuses. Even now, content producers will be able to earn income when they share a content they produce on Instagram on Facebook.

Let’s see Silicon Valley vs. Who will win the Chinese social media platform battle? What do you think about this move of Meta? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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