Meta Sues Company For Stealing Data From Its Users Without Permission

Meta sued a company called Voyager Labs for collecting user data without permission. The company is said to have created thousands of fake accounts on Facebook and collected information from more than 600,000 profiles.

US-based technology giant Meta, which includes social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram, Voyager Labs sued a company named after him for creating thousands of fake Facebook accounts to collect user data from more than 600,000 profiles.

Voyager Labs describes itself as ‘the world leader in advanced AI-based research solutions’. In practice, this means analyzing social media posts collectively to make claims about individuals. For example, the company that sold its services to the Los Angeles police in 2021 predict which individuals may commit crimes by making mass analyzes in the media. had claimed.

According to Meta, Voyager Labs collected a lot of information from users, from likes to photos.

Noting that its terms of service are violated, Meta says Voyager Labs collects information such as posts, likes, friend lists, photos and comments. Also in the case file, Voyager Labs’ Created over 38,000 fake Facebook accounts and these accounts were used to collect information from more than 600,000 profiles between July 2022 and September 2022.

Noting that Instagram and Facebook data are used without permission, the technology giant added that more than 600,000 accounts related to Voyager Labs have been removed from both platforms. It is also among the information that the collected data includes people from almost all walks of life, from non-profit organizations to health institutions, and is used for services sold to customers.


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Emphasizing that people’s rights are disregarded and unfair gains are made, Meta said that the company should stop violating the terms of service and from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. to be permanently banned demands from the court.

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