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There are people of all ages on social media platforms. On these platforms, which allow many people to communicate with each other, especially young people can be the target of malicious people. In order to prevent this situation, companies have recently started to take important steps.

Meta steps up its measures on Facebook and Instagram

Meta, the umbrella organization of Facebook and Instagram, aims to take new measures to protect its young users. The company has decided to change the default privacy settings for young people’s Facebook accounts. This will further limit the ability of malicious people to message teens on Instagram and Facebook.

Meta has announced that it will start automatically changing the default privacy settings on new Facebook accounts created by teenagers under the age of 16. With the changes, the visibility of friend lists, tagged posts, followed pages and accounts will automatically be offered with more limited settings.

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The Metaverse is hopeless: it’s time to use what you have effectively!

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The new settings will be automatically applied for new accounts created by teenagers. Meta states that existing teen accounts will be migrated to similar settings. After the Instagram update, which started to make the accounts of young people private by default last year, the company seems to continue to take new steps in this regard.

Meta also plans to introduce new changes aimed at preventing “suspicious” adults from communicating with young people. Blocking these accounts from the “people you may know” feature on Facebook and removing the message button from the profiles of young people on Instagram will also be tested.

Meta also announced that they are working on a “global platform” with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to prevent the non-consensual sharing of private images of young people. According to a Facebook spokesperson, the system will allow teens to generate a “private report” for images they don’t want shared on their devices.

With its new updates, Meta aims to provide a higher level of protection to young Facebook and Instagram users. So what do you think about the new security measures that Meta offers? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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