Meta parting ways with crypto manager

Metacryptocurrency manager David Marcus parting ways. Before PayPalMarcus, who also served as a manager of Facebook, was a finance manager at Facebook. He then took over the management of the crypto unit in line with the company’s goals. However, the company’s latest attempts in this area have been unsuccessful. After the other important names of the project left the company, Marcus said that now he is spending his last days in the company.

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Meta didn’t find what it expected in cryptocurrency projects

David Marcus, said in a statement that the company’s crypto plans are unclear. The manager, who did not want to stay in this uncertainty any longer, announced his new projects. The crypto manager made his statement on Facebook. In a post, at the end of 2021 He wrote that he was leaving the company.

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Old PayPal manager, FacebookHe joined in 2014. for the first four years Messengerdirected the. Then for a while finance worked in the department. Finally, Facebook blockchain He moved to crypto manager to start his division. Since then, Meta’s troubled cryptocurrency plans and Facebook Share audited other payment products such as

Marcus spent the last two years with the company’s cryptocurrency wallet. NoviHe spent trying to improve it. It even announced a small pilot of the wallet in the United States and Guatemala earlier this year. However, the wallet diem was released as

Now independent of Meta Novi projecthas been delayed multiple times due to backlash from regulators and officials around the world. In his Facebook post, Marcus said the Novi era has been the most mission-driven and intellectually stimulating years.

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