Meta opens Trump’s social media accounts!

In the US general presidential elections held in the past years, the social media accounts of the former US president were blocked after Donald Trump voters raided the Capitol Building. After that, Trump, who established his own social media, stated that he would be a candidate again in 2024. Then came the expected news. Here are the details…

Meta has activated Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Meta recently announced in a blog post that the former US president will be reopening his Facebook and Instagram accounts. From this Two years ago Trump, whose almost all social media accounts have been suspended, will be able to join Facebook and Instagram after Twitter. However, Meta also made a separate warning in the post it shared. So much so that if Trump violates Meta’s community guidelines again sanction applicable.

Nick Clegg, Meta’s vice president of global affairs, made the following statements on the subject:

“As a general rule, we do not want to get in the way of public and democratic discussions on Meta’s platforms, particularly in the context of elections in democratic societies such as the United States. The public should be able to hear their politicians say good, bad and ugly so that they can make informed choices at the ballot box.”

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This decision comes after Meta recently updated its content guidelines. January 6 If similar events occur, the company will be able to restrict the sharing of these posts. At first, Meta suspended Donald Trump’s accounts indefinitely. The company, which then applied to the Supervisory Board, revised this decision when it was stated that the indefinite ban was not appropriate.

After this decision, the response from Trump was not delayed. own social media from Truth Social The ex-president, who literally lashed out at Meta, “Facebook, which has lost billions of dollars since your favorite president left me without a platform, just said it’s going to reinstate my account. Thank you Truth Social for doing such an incredible job.” used the phrases.

In addition, Trump’s Twitter account was suspended after the January 6 events. Recently, the famous billionaire Elon Musk has asked whether Trump’s account can be reopened on Twitter. submitted to the survey. As a result, when the section that said it should be opened won, the former president’s account became accessible. Although he is not actively using at the moment, Donald Trump’s close to 88 million has followers.

So what do you think about this news? Do you think Meta is right to open Trump’s social media accounts? You can share your views with us in the Comments section.

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