Meta is testing the new platform to rival Twitch!

The fact that platforms bring similar features to each other in the social media world has had a great impact on the formation of competition. Especially the competition between Facebook and TikTok has been felt quite a lot lately. Now, Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, Twitch rival a new possible live streaming platform is testing.

Meta is testing its ‘Super’ platform with creators

According to a report, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company Meta, ‘SuperQuietly testing a live streaming platform called ‘. According to the details, the company has been testing with content producers for a while. The new platform, called Super, will allow users to host interactive live streams for ad revenue.

The project is in testing with at least 100 creators, but since 2020 Said to be under development. The Bloomberg report finds the platform allows people to pay celebrities for private messages and interactions. to cameo likened it.

Competition between Facebook and TikTok is increasing!  Here's why

Competition between Facebook and TikTok is increasing! Here’s why

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A Meta spokesperson said in a statement that Meta currently allows Instagram and Facebook creators to request direct access to the site. Spokesperson for new project “This is an independent project.” said. He also added the following sentences: “They’ve been testing very quietly for about two years. The goal is to create the next independent project that can ultimately become part of the Meta product family.”

The platform, which appears to have functionality similar to Twitch, is currently Andrew Edwards and TikTok star Vienna Skye It is in the trial phase with people including. For now, Super runs on a tiered system where viewers pay for access to streaming features. one

This step of Meta is Facebook’s recent move to increase focus on Reels. Live Shopping It came after turning off the feature. Experts consider Super to be a marketplace for content creators. There is no information about when the platform, which is still in the testing phase, will be opened to users.

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Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta is testing its new platform to rival Twitch. Here are the details!

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