Meta disclosed the social media operation of the USA!

A new statement came from the social media giant Meta, revealing some people connected with the US military. Sharing the company’s threat report MetaHe said that some people from the military opened fake Facebook and Instagram accounts, and they also formed groups and concealed their real identities.

Fake account accusation from Meta to US military

Meta, the umbrella company of Facebook and Instagram, revealed some information from the US military in a new report it published yesterday. According to Meta’s statement, Secret accounts linked to the US military targeted the Middle East and Central Asia through social media.

“While the people behind this operation tried to conceal their identity and coordination, our investigation has found links to individuals linked to the US military. Coordinated unrealistic behaviors were exhibited,” he said.

The Metaverse is hopeless: it's time to use what you have effectively!

The Metaverse is hopeless: it’s time to use what you have effectively!

The metaverse, where Meta has invested heavily with the new world tag, is disappointing. The new target of the company was WhatsApp and Messenger

Meta noted that the people in the operation carried out on social media shared posts like the local people of the targeted countries. Moreover Profile photos created using artificial intelligence stated that they used it.

The social media operation does not appear to have been successful, although it is unknown how long it has been running. “Many of this operation’s posts received little or no interaction from real people,” Meta said.

A similar investigation was carried out on Twitter before. Researchers calculated that 146 accounts on Twitter shared about 300,000 tweets. Meta’s latest report includes 39 profiles, 16 pages, two groups and 26 Instagram accounts that were active from 2017 to 2022.

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