Meta Blocks News Content to Canadian Users

Meta has begun temporarily blocking some Canadian users from accessing news content on Facebook and Instagram, in response to a bill that is expected to go into effect in Canada.

Tech giant Meta said on Thursday that some Canadian users are on Facebook and Instagram as part of an interim test that will run until the end of June. announced that it would temporarily block access to news content.

This blocking decision has been made by the Canadian government for tech giants to link to or otherwise reuse news content online. will require paying publishers It emerged in response to a bill.

The blocking started yesterday and the Canadian Minister of Culture criticized Meta’s move.

Online News Law Bill C-18, known as Bill C-18, is currently under discussion in the Senate and could go into effect by the end of this month. Meta also said that if the bill passes, it stands ready to permanently block Canadians from accessing news content on Facebook and Instagram.

Currently, randomly selected Canadian users will not be able to view or share Canadian news content on Instagram or Facebook. access barrier, news links to articles, short-form videos, or photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours may contain. If the content of international news companies such as the New York Times or the BBC is chosen randomly, they may be blocked in Canada during testing.


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Canadian Minister of Culture, Pablo Rodriguez, described Meta’s move as “disappointing” and said that Canadians are using these tactics. won’t be scared stated. Last week, it was stated that this test will begin. It was also stated by Meta that if the law is passed, the access ban will be permanent.

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