Mercenary Blue Tick Will Be Reusable

Elon Musk announced when Twitter Blue, where you can get paid blue ticks, will be available again. In addition, the path to be followed to prevent blue tick scammers has also been revealed.

There has been a remarkable development about Twitter, the world’s most popular microblogging platform, which has almost become Elon Musk’s grocery store. few days ago suspended About the subscription system called Twitter Blue Elon MuskA new statement came from. The statement was made by Twitter Blue. When It shows that it will be reusable.

Twitter Bluewas a feature that the platform announced months ago. Thanks to this subscription system, users they had certain privileges. In the post-Elon Musk period, Twitter Blue subscribers verified account badge also announced that they can. However, the fact that everyone who gave the money received a blue tick has created confusion about who is the real account and who is the fake account. As such, Twitter Blue’s to be suspended the decision had been made.

Twitter Blue will reopen on November 29

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