Mercedes is increasing measures against part counterfeiting!

Especially in cars first class vehicles oriented and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Parts produced by them are expensive. That’s why cheap parts on the internet are very attractive. However Mercedeswarns of counterfeit parts and prepares to take various measures. Here are the details!

Mercedes to appoint ‘Brand protection experts’ for counterfeiting

An automobile manufacturer only With over 650 raids in 2021 of the authorities more than 1.86 million reported that it had seized counterfeit Mercedes Benz parts. This rate is 6 percent higher than the previous year. Now, this rate is expected to increase even more.

Chief legal officer of Mercedes Renata Jungo Brünggermade a statement on the subject. “The counterfeiting industry has organized crime structures. It often yields higher profits than drug trafficking. We are working closely with authorities around the world to restrict these structures and combat threats to road safety.”

Ferrari recalls 24 thousand vehicles!

Ferrari recalls 24 thousand vehicles!

Ferrari is preparing for a large-scale recall. According to the statement, the Italian brand invites 24 thousand vehicles to authorized service centers.

Mercedes, with the pandemic period forgery He says that those who do are moved to the online environment. These groups can sell tracks online using their social media accounts. This makes things even more difficult for the police. That’s why the auto giant has to tackle counterfeit products and their online trade. strategic measures expanding.

The company’s efforts will revolve around three measures: Detect, attack and block. Also to identify suspects online ‘Brand protection experts’ will appoint. On the subject of Brüngger, “The trade of counterfeit products on online platforms and social media is on the rise. Our brand protection experts have quickly adapted to the growing business model of the counterfeiting industry.” said.

In fact, the automaker says these parts are often of poor quality and do not meet even the minimum regulatory requirements, such as an aftermarket part. For now, there is no detailed information about this measure. However, the company aims to prevent counterfeiting with this measure. For now, there is no detailed information about this measure.

So, what do you think about Mercedes counterfeit parts measures? What do you think should be done to prevent forgery? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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