Mercedes’ Environmental Advertising Campaign Becomes the Subject of Parody

The advertising campaign, in which we see the Mercedes logo in nature, became the subject of parody in England. The reason for the parodies is the “greenwashing” discussions, which we have seen frequently recently.

One of the most important demands of new generations they can live to have a world. Therefore, they attach great importance to the protection of the environment. As a result, companies want to develop more environmentally friendly methods and announce these methods in order to respond more to these demands.

Mercedes-Benz, which is preparing to produce its own electric vehicles and stating that it will take steps to reduce carbon emissions to zero, is also for this purpose. Nature or Nothing launched a campaign called The campaign was parodied by an institution that criticizes those who use the environmental concept as a sales tool.

Campaign’s target isn’t Mercedes, it’s advertisers

The German automaker is now in Germany accused of actually not doing enough to protect the environment and is going to court. Still, the sustainability platform that parodied it Wherefrom and London-based agency 10 days‘s target is not Mercedes, but advertisers.


For some advertisers, environmentalism is seen as a popular buzzword, a selling point, and that’s why “greenwashingArguing that ” (creating an image as if they are environmentalists, even if they are not environmentalists), Wherefrom aims to draw attention to environmental problems through Mercedes’ campaign.


Environmental regulations are being made all over the world. Any word used by advertisers just to attract attention can be very different in terms of laws and regulations. For example “sustainableYou have to meet certain standards in order to write “.


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These images, in which Mercedes-Benz’s advertisements are almost put into reverse gear, actually criticize this uncontrolled approach. The nature images chosen by Mercedes are replaced by images that are symbols of climate change, such as oil spills, forest fires, barren land and cracks in the glacier. Only the lightning symbol remains, but its meaning has also been changed.

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