Mehmet Aydın: I would like to cover all damages

The trial of Mehmet Aydın, the founder of Çiftlik Bank, who has been on the run for years and surrendered voluntarily in the past months, was held. Aydın, nicknamed Tosuncuk, who made the defense, announced that he could pay for all the victims.

Known for signing one of the biggest fraud cases in the Republic of Turkey. Farm Bench Mehmet Aydın, the inventor of the chain of happiness, appeared before the judge to make his defense. 4 page defense Tosuncuk nicknamed Aydın, made quite remarkable sentences.

Mehmet Aydın’s trial was of critical importance to the Ciftlik Bank victims. Because Tosuncuk, first time He came face to face with the people he hurt. Mehmet Aydın, who rejected the allegation that he founded a criminal organization in his defense, claimed that what was done was commerce. The founder of Çiftlik Bank, who also defended the grievances experienced, can afford all the grievances told. So how will Mehmet Aydın do it?

“Get my assets returned, I’ll pay all debts”

In his defense, Tosuncuk said that he wanted his property to be returned to him. “If given the opportunity I would like to cover the damages of all the complainants from my confiscated assets.“, Aydın said, not to any of his employees. to the law against states that he did not give any instructions and that his main purpose is to expand abroad and gain benefits.


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Mehmet Aydın, who has been on the run for a few years, voluntarily hides himself. Brazilsurrendered in. Aydın, who was brought to Turkey on July 3 and whose trial process started, was charged with multiple crimes. up to 75 thousand 260 years jail is required. Details such as how the case will end, whether Aydın will be punished and what will happen to the victims, are for now. remains obscure

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